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Osh Ordo, Above the over-glitzy main restaurant is a summer rooftop with great views of Suleiman Too from stylish new tea pavilions, some set on rocker-wheels.

Alien Fairy Cake, This distinctive round structure with faceted silver walls and roof looks like an alien fairy cake but actually contains a photography salon where newlyweds can be snapped on honeymoon at the Taj Mahal without bothering to leave Osh.

Izyum Osh’s most complete drinking/dining experience is a hit in summer for its riverside and woodland tea/dining platforms, but it also has a stylishly angular cafe with amply piled cushions on wide sofa seats. Slightly spongy pizza supplements sushi, steaks and local food choices. Separated enough not to disturb diners, the bar is stacked with back-lit bottles. Dancing is possible as the evening wears on.

Kyrgyz Konyagy Sells a full range of Kyrgyz brandies from 200som to 7000som per half-litre according to quality and aging (various sizes of bottles available). Flavoured brandies make great gifts (80som for 100ml of the delicious cedar-nut version) and there are also herb-honey liqueurs infused with barberry, walnut, buckthorn or pomegranate (185som). A stand-bar allows you to taste your purchases – once you’ve paid.