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Abshir Ata Falls is a geological reserve at Abshir Say River in Nookat District of Osh Province of Kyrgyzstan. It was established in 1975. The waterfall is the mouth of an underground river. The water cascades down in two steps (15 m and 12 m) through 1.5 m cave in a sheer cliff.

The Sulayman Mountain is the only World Heritage Site located entirely in the country of Kyrgyzstan. It is located in the city of Osh and was once a major place of Muslim and pre-Muslim pilgrimage. The rock rises abruptly from the surrounding plains of the Fergana Valley and is a popular place among locals and visitors, with a splendid view.

Lenin Peak or Ibn Sina (Avicenna) Peak, rises to 7,134 metres (23,406 ft) in Gorno-Badakhshan (GBAO) on the border of Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan, and is the second-highest point of both countries. It is considered one of the easiest 7000 m peaks in the world to climb and it has by far the most ascents of any 7000 m or higher peak on Earth, with every year seeing hundreds of climbers make their way to the summit.

National park Kyrgyz-Ata is located 40 km from the city of Osh and occupies the territory in northern slope of Alay mountain range. National park is not big, area equals only 1172 hectares. Park is unique, since many historical and cultural monuments are located here such as ancient settlements and burial grounds. National park Kyrgyz-Ata offers a variety options for lovers of ecotourism: hiking and horseback riding tours in the scenic gorges, as well as cultural and educational tours to monuments of ancient history.